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Useful Sites
Free Bird House & Bird Feeder Plans
Crafty Birds is home to one of the biggest resource databases of free bird house plans and free bird feeder plans. They have free bird house plans for any size of bird house and they also offer many features for designing your bird house free of charge. If youre looking for an already constructed birdhouse then I recommend visiting the Crafty Birds online store.
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Parrot Care Guide
The Parrot Care Guide is the #1 pet care guide for parrot owners. Laura Russell has been breeding parrots for over two decades, and she has spent a number of years studying and researching on the subject. The website offers a free parrot care guide - mini course which includes tips on food, health, cages and behavior!
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Bird Care Company
The Bird Care Company offers free advice on bird health and nutrition. The company is the main supplier of avian supplements. Sick birds, breeding and pet birds are catered for by Bird Care. The site features a wide array of information which can be freely accessed by pet bird owners on bird fungus, bacteria, injury and other illnesses.
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All About Birds
As the name suggests this website is all about birds, whether you are an expert in bird watching or you just simply like to look at the different species of birds this site will have something for you. With lots of fun stuff, competitions, tons of photos and videos, all the information you would need and more, take a look at the All About Birds website.
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Bird Trader
If you are a bird breeder or you have any birds that you want to sell, the Bird Trader website is the perfect website to place your advert for everyone to easily find. As well as reaching a very wide audience of people searching to buy any birds the other great feature of this website is that you can place your advertisement for free.
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UK And Ireland Birdwatching
Birding UK is dedicated to offering a helpful resource for UK and Ireland birdwatching. The website has a huge birds directory filled with websites as well as an active birdwatchers forum. There is a lot of information on bird news and if you want to stay up to date with the content then all you need do is register with
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Free Bird Colouring Pictures
My Free Colouring Pages offers the best free bird coloured pictures as well as printable colouring pages on the Internet. They have quite a few bird pictures available in black and white which can be printed and then coloured. All of the pictures are absolutely free and there great for young kids.
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Free Bird House Plans
If you are into nature and love the sounds of the birds chirping at your window, then you may be the type of person who is thinking about placing a bird house or two in your yard to attract the birds. If this sounds like you, then a free bird house plan may be just what you are looking for. Build your very own bird house to attract the birds to your yard with the help of these free birdhouse plans today.
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Free Bird Sounds
The calming sounds of nature are great for anyone who wishes to relax, but some people just cannot handle listening to the same stream or rain storm everyday. For these people, this site has brought you a collection of bird sounds. Find the ones that you like and make your own calming and relaxing CD of bird songs for playing in your house, or even in your garden as a means of attracting new birds to your yard. No matter what your reasons are, these free bird sounds may be just what you are looking for.
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Bird Training
Go to the Bird Channel website and you will find a series of great articles which will show you how you can train your bird. Access to all the information is free and there is an absolute ton of information on this website about birds.
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Bird Tricks
Bird Tricks features free video parrot training tips and tricks to fix any bird problems you may have. The site provides an in-depth introduction combined with extensive information on what parrot training is all about. If you are ever thinking of giving up on your bird, don't! Bird Tricks is here to lend a helping hand, by providing parrot training products that are non time consuming, fast, safe and reliable.
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Canary Advisor
Keep your bird healthy and happy with Canary Advisor! The site features useful and helpful information on canary disease, training tips, canary foods, health and bonding and communicating with your pet bird. Canary lovers can request for the canary care strategies tip kit - absolutely free!
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Free Bird Cross Stitch Patterns
If you are into birds and especially arts and crafts, then why not stop by this site and check out their free bird cross stitch patterns. These are free patterns, and lovely ones at that. Make yourself or a loved one a bird cross stitch today using this sites free bird cross stitch patterns today. You will be glad you did because nothing is better than free.
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