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Useful Sites
Free Fishing
If you hold a current UK Environmental Agency Rod License then you are entitled to fish for free at lots of different locations around the country. Go to the Do Free Fishing website and you will find all the details on their website about where you can fish for free. Whether you like to fish for carp, salmon, pike, trout, barbel or just coarse fish, you will find locations where you can fish for them for free.
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Fishing Noob
If you have never been fishing before and do not have a clue where to start then make your way over to the fishing noob website where you will find all the information you will need to get you on the way to your first fishing experience.
(Listed On Thu Dec 10 17:39:38 2015)

Take Me Fishing
Join the fishing community here online and get free magazines, fishing trips around the world and your free beginners guide to boating, If your a fishing fanatic and wants to explore more, then this site is for you!
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Big Fish Tackle Contests
Check out the Big Fish Tackle website for their contests which you can enter for free for the chance to win some great fishing tackle prizes.
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Free Bass Lures
The Free Bass Lures website gives away free bass lures to fishermen. There are no offers or memberships to fulfill, the bass lures are absolutely free. Also, the site contains a wealth of informative resources on bass lures and the latest news updates on lures. This is an ideal site for fisher folk and individuals that want to try out fishing as a sport to receive free bass lures that are exceptional and made of high quality!
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Pet World Lawrence
Pet World Lawrence offers in-depth information on your pet fish, fish health care tips and advice for pet fish owners. Caring for fish is delicate and must be done with thoroughness and gentle care. The aim of Pet World Lawrence is to touch base on this delicate nature of caring for your fish. Formed in 1988, the site has become a leading source of expert advice for pet owners of various kinds of animals!
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Free Fish Avatars
If you would like an avatar of a fish to use on your forum profile or for use on a blog then go to this website and you will find over 100 different avatars of fish that you can choose from to use and all of them are completely free for you to use. Simply click on the get code link and then select from the available options of HTML code or BBcode for use on most forums.
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Fish Facts
If you like fish and you want to learn more about them then this is the website for you. By going to the National Geographic website you can learn lots of interesting facts about all sorts of fish, see tons of pictures and even watch videos of fish.
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The Fish Site - Free Weekly Newsletter
A great place to stay updated with whats happening in the aquaculture world. Features such as news via RSS to email newsletters delivered to your inbox, this site has it all. Not only that a community forum is also available for you to post any questions that you may have and you can even dig out some delicious fish recipes while youre at it.
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