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Free Advice
If it is free advice on guinea pigs that are looking for then look no further as you will find a wealth of information on this website right here.
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Guinea Pig Cages
Check out the guinea pig cages website and learn how to make your own guinea pig cage without having to fork out a lot of cash to buy one. This website will give you step by step instructions on building a cage which is suitable for the number of guinea pigs you have.
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Guinea Pig Games
On this website you can play guinea pig games for free. They have a great selection of guinea pig games on which you can play and they wont cost you a penny. You can play the games in your browswer so you dont even have to download anything, just click and play.
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Guinea Pigs To Good Home
Looking for a guinea pig that you dont have to pay for Take a look at the Simple Pet Care website where you will find adverts from people giving away guinea pigs to good homes for free. You can also put up your own ad if you have any guinea pigs to give away.
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Guinea Pigs Club
At The Guinea Pigs Club website you will find a lot of free stuff, they have guinea pig ecards which you can send to your guinea pig loving friends on their birthday or christmas, a collection of videos which you can watch for free of guinea pigs, you can even upload your own videos or photos of your guinea pig. There is also of course a lot of very useful information for any owner of a guinea pig to help them to take care of it.
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Guinea Pig Secrets
If you own a guinea pig or perhaps you are contemplating buying one for your child as a pet then you should learn as much about them as possible so that you can take care of it properly. If you go to this site you can sign up for a free newsletter which is jam packed full of information on guinea pigs which will help to prolong the life of your guinea pig and help it to be healthy.
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Guinea Pig Housing
If you have a guinea pig or you are thinking about getting one then you will need some form of housing for it. If you go this website here you will find some great ideas on what form of housing to use for your guinea pig depending whether you intend to keep it indoors or outdoors. On this site you will find links to some great sites where you can get some plans to be able to make your own guinea pig cage or housing and they are free.
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Free Guinea Pigs
If you want a guinea pig and you do not want to have to pay for it then take a look at this website here as they have tons of rodents being advertised for sale and some of them are being offered as free to good home, so see if you can find a guinea pig being given away near your location.
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Guinea Pig Adventure
If your kids love their guinea pigs then get them to have a go at this great fun guinea pig game online which is absolutely free of charge to play. If they get bored of it which I'm sure they wont for a good time then they can play lots of other games too on the same website.
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Guinea Pig Information
While some people are dog people and others are cat people some people just naturally prefer the friendship of a small grunting guinea pig. If you prefer guinea pigs and you have one right now, then you will know the importance of nutrition. Especially when dealing with nutritional supplements for your guinea pig, a cost which can get expensive. To help you and your guinea pig out, we bring you this site which is packed full of useful information about guinea pigs.
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