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Read Poetry Books Online
If you love to read poetry then visit the Public Book Shelf website where you can read a selection of poetry books online completely free.
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Poems For Free
Just like the website address says, this site offers over 2000 poems for free. All of the poems are copyrighted by Nicholas Gordon and are free for anybody to use for personal or non commercial use. You can even sign up at the website and have a new poem sent to you each week in your email. There is also a facility for you to be able to read the poems on your mobile phone for free.
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Audio Poetry Books
On the Internet Archive website you can gain access to thousands of free books including poetry books. With these books you do not hae to do any reading as they are all audio books which come in the form of digital recordings andc mp3s.You can browse through all of their books by title or by subject or even by keywords making it very easy to find something in particular you may be searching for.
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All Books Free
On the All Books Free website you will find exactly that, a wide selection of free poetry books, free childrens books, free novels and more. All of the books available have been provided by their authors or publishers and are all completely legal to download for free. Check them out today and see if they have any books you would like to download for yourself or your children.
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Read Print
Read Print is a great website if you are looking for free novels, poems or short stories. It is an online books library with thousands of free online books and poems that you can read without having to pay anything. No sign up needed, ideal for teachers, students or anyone who enjoys reading. Check them out now and find books and poems by classics authors such as Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare and many, many more.
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Free Poetry Ebooks
This website has literally thousands of free poetry ebooks which you can view online or download to your computer. All you need is Adobe Reader software which is also free to download if you do not already have it. Amongst the ebooks you will find classic poems from poets like Roald Dahl, John Keats, Edgar Allan Poe, Spike Milligan and more. Use their search facility to find what you are looking for.
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Poeme Amour (French Site)
Poemes amour, poeme et je t aime. Le poeme d amour la glace est un poeme traduit en 150 langues dont Hieroglyphes et Maya par des chercheurs. Poeme amour, poesie et declaration d amour en poeme
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