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Language Learning Software
Byki is a language learning system for over 70 different languages and if you go to their website you can download their free Byki Express desktop software which will get you started with learning a completely new language of your choice.
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English Language Test
At the Edufind website you can do an English test which will determine the level of English that you can speak. All you have to is enter a name and an email address which is used to send you the results of the English level test. The test itself is completely free to do, you will also find a lot of other very useful resources for learning the English language on this website.
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Free Language Resources
If you are searching for a site where you can learn a language and not have to pay for the privilege then this site here could point you in the right direction. Simply click on the language that you are interested in learning and you will be taken to a page listing all the resources which include tools, applications, audio and video lessons and much more.
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Learn Korean Language
At the Learn Korean Language website that is exactly what you can do. You can also learn about their culture and traditions at this site besides learning the basics of their language and the best part is that the service for learning the language will not cost you a dime as it is completely free.
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Bbc Languages
If you are searching on the Internet to find a site that offers free language courses then take a look at the BBC website where they offer just that. With their audio and video course that they offer you will soon be on your way to speaking and understanding a new language.
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