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Useful Sites
FREE, Federal Resources for Educational Excellence is a great resource for teachers and parents which offers teaching and learning resources from Federal Agencies. Amongst their resources they have sheet music, information, audio clips and more on blues, gospel, folk, jazz and other types of music.
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Get Jazz Gigs
Free access to 9,000 jazz festivals, jazz promoters, jazz clubs, jazz agents and jazz radio stations in the USA, Canada, UK, England, Germany, Austria, Australia, Japan, France, Italy, Sweden and more. Request your free Jazz Booking guide ebook today.
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Remix Featuring
Freshtronic is a Music, art and lifestyle blog focusing on Hip Hop, electronic and dubstep music, street art etc. Freshtronic brings a dedicated, young, and influential audience to brand advertisers.
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Free Printable Staff Paper
Visit this website and you can use a great little app that will allow you to print off customization staff paper, ideal for students and music teachers. If you have your own website you can even embed the program into your own website for others to use. This program is completely free to use and also free to embed onto your own website.
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Free Music Education Center
If you would like to learn how to play the piano, keyboard or even a guitar without having to pay for expensive lessons that you cannot afford, then go to the Music Education Center website. On their site you will find lots of free music lessons which will get you up to intermediate level for both practical and theoretical lessons.
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Free Music Lessons
If you would like some free music lessons then go to the Berklee College of Music website where you will find lots of lessons which can either view online, watch or listen to, most of the lessons are downloadable and can be viewed at your leisure without being online. Browse the lessons by topic or by instrument, whichever you choose you are sure to find some very useful music lessons here which will help you with your music education.
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Educational Songs & Mp3s
On the Kids Know It website, which is a great resource for parents and teachers of young children, you will find a wide range of free educational songs which are all put into learning topics for you making it easier to select your songs. All of the songs can be heard on your computer in your browser and some of them can even be downloaded to your computer for use at anytime.
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