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Student Handouts
Student Handouts contains 99% free educational material for students studying from Grades 1 to 12. The material offered by Student Handouts are printable workbooks and reading material. The material is unique and offers struggling and advanced readers the opportunity to improve their vocabulary to prepare for admission tests to college or SAT exams. The questions provided often mimic many standardized tests. The aim is to improve reading skills and test scores.
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E Learning Center
Welcome to the E Learning Center which offers students free online training courses on technical and information technology, business productivity and professional skills. Students can sign up for their free account, simply log in thereafter and begin accessing their preferred choice of training course. One of the most well informed and popular free course websites, the E Learning Center aims at ensuring students across the globe have access to free education!
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Accounting Basics
Accounting Basics for Students offers the best platform for financial accounting information, simple accounting tutorials and accounting explanations designed specifically to suit students. Run by an accounting expert and professional Micheal Calender, the site contains official accounting basics, accounting concepts and transactions just to name a few! Sign up and receive the student accountant newsletter!
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Free Ed Net
Welcome to Free Ed Net, the rising star of the 21st century in providing free online education to students! The site is filled with free courses and resources ranging on a wide array of subjects and topics for students and other individuals looking to grasp the art of learning! Additionally, the site contains learning videos, user handbooks and study plans and lessons!
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College Scholarships
For students to get a free education in college they would need to find some sort of funding. By going to this website you will find out all about the different options that are available for students to claim free funding for their college education. You will find information on scholarships for native Americans, nursing scholarship programs, grants and scholarships in California and more.
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Fircroft College
Fircroft College of Adult Education is situated in Selly Oak in Birminghman and they offer a range of courses which are free which are for adults that do not have any formal qualifications and want to return to learning. They also offer a 30 week course for students wanting to go on to University but haven't got the qualifications needed and this program is totally free.
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National Geographic Student Atlas
Every student knows how great the National Geographic can be. All the time teachers and television help to fill our minds with useful international facts thanks to the help of the National Geographic. At this great site you can get your very own free National Geographic atlas today.
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Free Health Advice For Students
Keeping healthy is an important task for any student. It used to be that as a student you were able to rely on your parents to make sure that you stay healthy, but now you are on your own. Luckily you can now check out this site and get all the free health advice you are in need of.
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