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Character Counts
Go to the Character Counts website and you can get free access to their Lessons Plan Bank. Their large database of lesson plans are split into categories of character, caring, citizenship, fairness, respect, responsibility and trustworthiness. You can then search by subject and also by age group to find the perfect lesson plans for your students.

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Teachers TV
Teachers TV is a great website and resource for teachers. It is packed full of professional development videos and lots of other resources including lesson plans, practical tips, classroom resources and even a section for teaching vacancies throughout the UK.
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Teaching Jobs Online
If you are looking for a teaching job in the US, take a look at this website right here. You can sign up for free and create your own resume online enabling hundreds of schools to be able to view your resume and be able to contact you to offer you employment if you fit their criteria. You can also search through the education jobs which are already listed on the site including special education jobs.
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RHL School - Free Learning Resources
For any teacher, saving as much money for your teaching resources is very important. Well if you are looking to save yourself some money then it may be in your best bet to stop by and check out this teachers resources website today. Nothing beats free especially if it helps our young minds.
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Primary Resources - Free Teaching Resources
Nothing beats free when it comes to helping expand our childrens mind. No one should ever have to pay for a proper education it is only fair if everyone is allowed the same opportunities. For this reason sites like this who are offering to you a large selection of free teaching resources to help you teach our future leaders and help give them every opportunity possible.
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