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Greeting Cards
123Greetings is the free online greeting cards provider on day by day events and festivals. Select your suitable greeting cards and show your feeling with your friends, family and relatives.
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Some E Ecards
If you are looking for the best e funny cards, look no further than Some e Ecards! The site features greeting cards for every occasion, which includes birthday, baby, apology, congratulations, breakup, farewell, friendship and sympathy! Share love and happiness with your friends and loved ones with Some e Ecards!
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American Greetings
Send out e-greeting cards and printable cars for free only on American Greetings! Send out Easter cards, share silly and funny cards, inspire happiness, laughter and love, send out birthday surprises, bring out the smiles and love on your wedding anniversary or Valentine's day with free e-greeting cards of your choice!
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Care2 Ecards
If you care about the environment you can help to make a difference by going to this website and using their free ecard service instead of going out and buying cards from the shops. They have a massive range of totally free eCards so you are sure to find one to suit your needs. You can even upload your own photos and personalise the ecard you send and this is still free.
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Online Greeting Cards
For all the occasions in our lives such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etc. most people like to receive cards from their friends and family. If you would like to send a card to one of your friends or family members and you do not have the time or the funds to go shopping for one then you should visit a site such as this one here which allows you to send an ecard online to whoever you want for free. They have a wide selection to choose from including animated and musical ecards.
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If you are searching for a website that offers free ecards then look no further as this website, Egreetings, has hundreds of diferent ecards from which you can choose for any type of occasion that you may need a card for. Make somebody happy and send them a special greeting ecard today by going to this website right now.
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Free Ecards Magazine
Free ecards site guide and directory. Read reviews of the best greeting card services on the web and find appropriate free ecard for any event and occasion.
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Hallmark Free Ecards
Just three easy steps to show someone you care about them. Select a greeting card for the right occasion from a wide selection of cards, customize it with your message and send it.
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Blue Mountain Free Ecards
From animated cards to still ones what better way is there to express yourself but through an ecard. You can even design and print your own cards straight from the site. Blue mountain even has a reminder service so you never forget that special day. Best of all it costs you nothing.
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Kisseo is a free ecards website that is available in several languages worldwide. Find virtual greeting cards to suit every occasion from best wishes to good luck, sympathy, love, Christmas and holidays! A global ecard provider, Kisseo was launched in 1998 as a way of helping family and friends keep in touch with each other. Ecards is a simple way to show someone you care for them. Create personalized ecards in 5 different languages.
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