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Follow Up Then
For free, fast and simple email reminders, check out Follow Up Then! Try it now, no account required. All you have to do is to forward your emails to Follow Up Then, which acts as your reminder for the rest of the time until you've cleared up all the emails. It is safe and secure, and one of the most efficient reminders on the market. It will not spam you, and instead only send one reminder per email!
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Kis Reminder
Kis Reminder is a simple and safe free reminder service. Schedule free email reminders in order that you never forget your mom's birthday. From anniversary, appointment and birthday reminders, Kis Reminder will send you an email reminding about the particular event, and nothing else. Sign up is not necessary! All you have to do is to - Set Reminder!
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Scheduled Emailed Reminders
At the forlater website you can send yourself or anybody else that you want an email reminder of any occasion that you want. There is no need to register or sign up for anything, just simply add you message, the email address you want your message sent to and the date and time and forlater will do the rest. You can aslo rest assured that they will not use the email address for anything other than sending the reminder message.
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RemindTime -- Reminders For Life
Never forget an important date such as appointments, meetings, birthdays, in fact any occasion that you may need reminding of by visitng this website here and signing up for their free reminder service. Besides having an email sent to yourself, you can even have them sent to friends, relatives or even work colleagues reminding them also of the event.
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Free Email Reminder Service
Alertful is a totally free online reminder service where you can set up your calendar of events including birthdays, concert dates, sporting events and any other date you want to be reminded of. Alertful will then send you an email for each of the dates and events that you have set up in your calendar.
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Memo To Me - Free Reminder Service
Memo To Me is one of the leading reminder services on the Internet and has been available for more than 10 years. So if you are searching for a reliable email reminder service then this could be the site that you are looking for and the best part is that the service is absolutely free to use, all you need to do is to sign up and set your account up.
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