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Xeams Antispam
Xeams is a powerful and secure mail server that contains a spam filtering engine which helps remover up to 99% of spam from your inbox. The software takes a flexible approach, thereby, making the option user friendly and convenient. Xeams comes completely free, it contains multiple platforms, has auto updates and message archiving and users can decide if they want to use the software simply as a spam filter or primary email server!
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Spamihilator acts as the intermediary between the internet and your email client, and checks every incoming mail. All spam and junk mail will be filtered out, where the anti-spam filter works only in the background. Spamihilator supports plugin and works with Outlook 2000, Express 2003, Thunderbird, Eudora, Pegasus Mail and Phoenix Mail!
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Spamfighter is free spam filter for Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird and Windows Mail. Spamfighter has collaborated with Microsoft to build a powerful spam filter program for those that use Outlook and Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Thunderbird in order to remove spam from your email. The software is ideal for home users and it is absolutely free to download - anytime, anywhere!
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Free Anti Spam Filter Software
Email Remover is a free anti spam filter software and can prevent you from downloading unwanted email. It simply connects to your ISP and retrieves the mail header information, i.e. sender, subject, date, etc., and then you can select the mail you don't want to receive and delete it from the mail server. Email Remover is a very useful spam blocker and dont forget it's free!
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Pure Email Zero Spam
Register at Breakthru which is completely free and you will receive a free email address and a promise that your inbox will remain completely spam free as they block it all for you before it can reach your inbox.
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Free Spam Blocker
This website offers you the chance of not receiving any spam in your email at home or in the office by using their anonymous email service. All you have to do is to create yourself an anonymous email on their website and use it when you need to register at a forum or to receive something like a newsletter and then simply log onto the site and using your anonymous email you can collect any wanted mail and ignore anything else. This way the you will not receive any spam to your home inbox.
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Free FirstAlert! Anti-Spam Service
Everybody absolutely hates spam period. Use this top rated anti spam software to filter all those unwanted emails from ever making it into your inbox. Say goodbye to spam when you have this weapon defending your inbox.
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Free Anti Spam Lists & Resources
A site that will guide you in dealing with spam, spyware and viruses using free tools and software. A free information section on how to deal with spam is included as well.
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Mail Washer
Mail Washer is a free spam filter which is reliable, authentic and award winning. It is used by over 8 million people worldwide. The software checks and manages your email before downloading it onto the computer. The spam filter is powerful and works with a range of popular email networks including Hotmail, Gmail, Thunderbird and Outlook Express. It is an easy and effective way to stop incoming spam blocking your inbox.
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Cactus Spam Filter
Cactus Spam Filter is a spam blocker, free and easy to use. The software detects spam and after a while blocks incoming junk mail. The filter takes on a personal role which means that spammers cannot fool your inbox. It is easy to setup and installation is simple. Cactus Spam Filter has been successfully tested with Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Mozilla and more. It is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, 2003 and Vista!
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SpamFree - Free Email Spam Resources
A blog with some useful information regarding spam and its effects on computers.
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