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Gravity Ball2

Gravity Ball2 is a fun and extremely addictive game.  The object of the game is to guide your bouncing ball so that it breaks up the blocks on the screen; however, donít think that this is easy to do as the ball is not so easily controlled and the scrolling block that goes back and forth across the screen makes it difficult to get to the blocks you need to break.

Before starting the game, letís get you in the mood to play and enjoy.  Make sure you have the sound turned on your computer and once the screen comes up click on the space bar on your keyboard to choose from a collection of music to play to.  This adds a little more excitement and enjoyment to playing Gravity Ball2.

At the start of the game you have six balls to use to try to get all of the blocks broken.  To get the ball started you need only to use your mouse and left click it.  The ball will bounce low at first but with each bounce it will get higher and higher.  The scrolling block that goes quickly from side to side between your ball and the blocks on the screen can both be a benefit and a hindrance to you.  It can help by bouncing your ball up higher to reach the highest blocks you need to break, or it could bounce your ball very quickly right back at you leaving you hardly any time to maneuver and get control of your ball.

As you play and practice, you will start to see ways that you can use the corners and sides of the screen to your advantage.  For example, when the ball hits just right in a corner or on the side it will veer off at an angle which may help you get one of the blocks that you havenít been able to reach.  However, be careful with that strategy as it can just as easily backfire and send your ball careering back at you so fast you might not be able to save it.

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