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Uh oh, the ship is sinking and people need your help!  Man overboard!  Youíve got to do your best to save the passengers on the sinking ships by getting them into the life boats and setting them ashore.  Sounds easy enough doesnít it?  However, itís not as easy as it may seem.  These frightened passengers are just jumping overboard whether or not your lifeboats are beneath them; you will have to hurry and move the lifeboats so that they land in them instead of the shark infested waters.

You are equipped with two lifeboats and the lifeboats are attached to a rope.  You can only move the lifeboats left and right using your left and right arrow keys on the keyboard.  Another tricky maneuver is that you can only fit three passengers at a time in the lifeboat so you will have to hurry and get them to shore so that you can go back to save more passengers.

At the beginning of the game you start off with five lives; this isnít how many lives you actually have, rather it is the amount of lives that you lose by not catching the jumping passengers.  For every passenger you miss you lose one of those lives; and itís not easy to save all of the passengers.

If you look to the sides of the screen you will see that there is a man on each side holding the rope that is attached to the lifeboats; this is how your life saving system works.  The rope is like a pulley with the two guys pulling the boats back and forth to try and get the passengers out of the boats and on to shore so that you can save more passengers.

Get your fingers ready so that you can move those life boats and catch those poor and frightened passengers as they jump into the shark infested water hoping you will be there to save them and bring them to safety.

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