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Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

Are you a Pokemon fan?  Do you think you know all there is to know about Pokemon and all of the characters?  Why not test yourself and see how well you can do in this Pokemon Puzzle Challenge.

The object of this game is to match all of the Pokemon characters with their names.  However, it’s not as simple as it may sound.  There are three rounds to this game and with each round it will get more difficult to finish.  In the first round you will see several Pokemon characters in many boxes and one of the Pokemon’s names will appear in the center of the screen.  You will have only six seconds to look at all of the characters and click on the Pokemon character that matches the name in the middle of the screen.  The game will let you know whether you are correct or wrong by blinking the words on the screen “wrong” or “correct” where the name was.  

Every time you choose a character for the name, the boxes will change and the Pokemon characters will not be in the same boxes they were before while a new name to match will appear.  Again, in this round you will have six seconds to match the name with the correct Pokemon character.

The next two rounds are played in the same way; however, the amount of time you have to match the Pokemon characters with the correct names is decreased making it even harder to get them correct.  If you are a Pokemon wizard and know all of the characters – meaning you get them all correct – you will end up with a printable certificate proving that you know your Pokemon characters.

Even if you are not an expert on Pokemon characters, you can still enjoy this game while learning more about the characters so that you can end up getting that diploma certificate after you have correctly matched the characters with their names.

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