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Simon Says

Welcome to Simon Says!  It is your job to follow Simon on his musical path and see how long you can keep up.

Do you remember the old game of Simon Says where you see a block light up and you need to click on it and continue following the pattern?  Well, now you can play this favorite game right here for free.

First thing, make sure you have your sound turned on your computer so that you can hear the musical notes.  Believe it or not, this really helps you when you are trying to keep up and follow the rhythm of Simon Says.

Initially, one musical note is played and that block lights up.  Once Simon plays its note, you make sure you click on the same one.  The next round Simon will play two notes and it is your job to play the same two notes in the exact same order.  This is continued for each round with a new note and block lit up each time.  The game gets faster as well the longer you are able to follow Simon exactly and keep hitting the right blocks in the correct order.

You can still play Simon Says without the music if you want to.  The blocks will still light up so that you can see which ones to click on and which order to click on them.  However, to experience the full effect of Simon Says (and to hear some nice music as well), itís a lot more enjoyable and easier to play with the sound turned on.

Give your hand, ears and eyes a workout and see how long you can keep up with Simon Says.  Although this was first designed (as a toy) for children, adults around the world have always enjoyed this game as well, and now you can experience that same joy for free right here at The Free Website.

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