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Karaoke Files
If you are someone whos not happy with just listening to a song, then this site is just for you. Karaoke files will allow you to download songs that do not limit your participation to listening. With these files, you will be able to sing your heart out like any karaoke lover. Great for those who want to sing but are too afraid of going into a karaoke bar. Going to this file will give you access to a huge and FREE database of songs. This means whatever your taste, this site can provide.
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Sound Files And Sound Effects
Did you know that sound is as much a factor of capturing audiences in a show as the visuals Sound helps draw in the audiences subconscious and helps totally engross them in the world of the stage. Whether you are putting on a play or making a movie, you need to learn the importance of sound in capturing the audience. This site will surely help those who want to create a lasting impact and impression on viewers.
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Classical And Film Music MP3
If you are someone whose taste in music can be called classical this site is for you. Get your free classical mp3 downloads from this side and enjoy listening to music from the true masters and geniuses. Thats not all this site also offers you film music to help satiate that reminiscent part of you. Taking advantage of this free offer gives you not only the sort of classical music you can appreciate, but also give you different options to appreciate it. Make the past and future collide by combining the greatness of classical compositions with the high-quality sound brought by mp3.
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New MP3 Downloads Every Day!
If you are tired of stumbling onto sites which offer nothing but viruses and spyware during your search for mp3 downloads, then you might want to check this out. This site offers you great mp3 downloads absolutely free. You get fresh content from the best! If you are tired of hearing and downloading the same old songs, then take a peek at this site and learn what new music is all about.
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400000 Free MP3 Files
Whats your taste in music Whatever it is, the chances are hug that youll stumble on something you like at this site. With over 400,000 mp3 files, its a virtual goldmine of listening pleasure. Do you know what adds even more to this exciting opportunity Downloads are absolutely free! Thats right you do not have to spend a ton of cash in order to listen to some music that you really like. With 400,000 free mp3 files, youll need a lifetime to listen to them all.
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Midi Songs Archives
This site offers tons of free Midi files for you to download. Its user-friendly interface allows you to search for the song you want with ease and speed. The songs are classified according to genre, which means that you dont even have to know the specific title of a song to download. It even has a category for fun Midi files for those who want to mess around with sound effects and whatnot. This website will definitely serve your auditory demands.
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Midi Files
Do you love listening to Midi format files but cant seem to find any that suit your taste Are you tired of having to download MP3 files all the time and not being able to listen to them With this site, you can be sure to get Midi files absolutely free! If your player only supports the file format, or if you just plain prefer Midi to MP3, then this site will give you every song you need in the format you want. This site is particularly useful for making ring tones for those units that only support the Midi file format.
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Sheet Music & Lessons
If you find yourself wanting to learn an instrument, then where better to turn to than the internet Through this site, you can get free lessons on different instruments and all you need to do is pick. The great part about it is that the lessons are completely free of charge! All you need is the willingness to learn. Once youve learned an instrument, this site also offers free sheet music, enabling you to play whatever song you like. Where can you get a better deal than that This site not only offers you music, but gives you the skills to actually make music.
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Music Jesus
Watch your favorite music videos on Music Jesus absolutely free! A popular music video search engine, your favorite music videos are freely available on the website from the likes of Rihanna, Kanya West, Justin Timberlake and much more. Register first for a free account and begin watching your most liked music videos right away. The music videos listed on Music Jesus have been gathered from top artists websites, concert archives and record labels.
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Check out Bearshare and download over 15 million songs and videos absolutely free! The site is the best because it allows free MP3 music downloads, and it is 100% clean and legal! Bearshre allows users to download the software in the language of their choice. For free MP3 music and music video downloads, Bearshare is the #1 free downloadable site!
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Artist Direct
For free music downloads of new bands, musicians, music videos visit Artist Direct! From the most viewed music videos to the latest and current hits around the globe including Justin Bieber, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Tyler Hilton and Hurt, Artist Direct allows users to directly download their favorite music tunes - absolutely free!
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Trance Lyrics
Find all the latest lyrics of all the trance tunes coming out by all the artist from around the world. Be it progressive, uplifting or euphoric, you will find it here. We will trance you!
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Sound Effects And Sound FX
Putting together a video, but cant seem to find the right sounds to help you out You should check out this site. With a large database of sound effects, you can choose any sound which you think will help you transform a video into a film worth viewing. This site is even great for practical jokers looking for a special ingredient to a prank. Truly, anyone can use a great sound effect. You can even just have fun putting different sound effects together and listening to the results.
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Sheet Music
If you play an instrument like the piano or even a saxophone, then youll realize just how important sheet music can be. Whether you are looking for a recital piece or a song just to entertain yourself, this site can help you play it. With a huge collection of different songs and compositions, this site will truly delight anyone who plays an instrument. Even just browsing around the different FREE songs can bring a smile to your face. So what are you waiting for Get some sheet music today!
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